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White Topaz

Topaz comes from the Greek word 'tapazos' meaning 'to seek'.

White Topaz is a hard stone that contains fluorine, aluminum oxide or silica between its components. Because of its composition, White Topaz is part of the aluminosilicate group.

White Topaz is as a precious stone and is widely used as part of jewelry. There are those who believe they have a quite deep meaning and this powerful stone is a gem that favors forgiveness and helps to see the truth.

If you are going to face a difficult situation, take a White Topaz with you. You will see how this gem promotes honesty, and wisdom and will gradually lead you towards self-realization and self-control. White Topaz is known as the stone of openness and truth because it encourages situations where the truth comes out without causing many conflicts. This stone is indicated to combat shyness and clears the mind in circumstances in which one tries to manifest himself verbally to others. It is par excellence, the stone of the speakers.

If you suffer from many headaches it is advisable to have the White Topaz on hand. There are even some beliefs in which the White Topaz is used in the elixir to correct and stimulate vision. White Topaz is an effective healing stone for different types of pain. It helps improve kidney, bladder and liver problems.

The metaphysical properties of this stone will improve your creativity and individuality, as well as your personal success and its manifestation. It also fosters success that is directed towards the good of all.

Once you start changing your way of thinking and changing how you live your life, White Topaz will help you manifest your intentions in the reality of your life. This transparent stone carries a strong energy that helps you clarify your thoughts. It makes you focus on what you most want and that you can work hard for it.

The use of White Topaz is a good way to relieve stress as they help relieve depression and improve your self-esteem. These crystals help skin problems and are said to strengthen hair and nails. The vibration of these stones can help you have a common-sense approach to what you do.


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