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Red Yellow Phantom

Yellow Phantom is said to be particularly good for windfall luck while Red Phantom is good for health luck.

Red Phantom Quartz is where Hematite or iron bond is grown with Quartz. This is a rare formation in the bonding and forming of the 2 together. Phantom crystals are master healers for any condition.

Red Phantom Quartz is an amazing stone that it brings through the earth’s power of Hematite/Iron and combines it with Quartz, amplifying its properties. Red Phantom Quartz is great when you want to regain your power and freedom, taking the strength of Iron into you. Phantom crystals can stimulate and boost your intelligence, creativity, and intuition. Red Phantom Quartz assists in healing anger and hurt, releasing stress and emotional healing, and boosting courage and self-esteem. This crystal is also useful for addictions, and that makes it a great stone for dieters and people trying to quit smoking. This crystal makes a good talisman for business, enhances financial security, induces perseverance, helps overcome frustration, and is useful for legal situations.

Red Phantom Crystals, are wonderful at helping you to look at yourself at a deeper level and heal your inner child, by seeing outdated patterns and recovering repressed memories by assisting you to access the Akashic Records. These crystals are grounding stones and provide protection during metaphysical activities and enhance telepathy. Phantom Quartz is a great awareness tool and is used for past life work and meditation.

Yellow Phantom Quartz crystals are quartz crystals that have another crystal within, giving the appearance of a “phantom” crystal inside. Yellow Phantom Quartz is a beautiful, mysterious and engaging crystal that is perfect for people who want to make important changes or move forward in their lives, especially if they feel stuck. It helps you to overcome stagnation and make a breakthrough in your personal or professional life. This grounding stone connects you to the Earth, facilitates inner growth and helps put the past into perspective. Yellow Phantom Quartz is also a fantastic aura cleanser that helps remove negative energies in your auric field and align your chakras. It promotes a positive flow of energy in your life by removing negative emotions and thoughts. This crystal also protects the body against harmful radiation. Mentally, this soothing and relaxing stone gives you strength, clarity and inspiration while enhancing spiritual development. The Phantom crystal also stimulates your memory, thinking process and concentration. Physically, the healing energies of Phantom Quartz are said to be its ability to detoxify your body, enhance the function of pineal and pituitary glands, and stimulate the immune system.


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