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White Coral

Corals are one of the very few gemstones which are found in the water instead of the crust of the Earth. The two varieties of Coral are being commercialized, namely, the Red and White Corals. The White Coral Stones have been used for ages for a number of purposes like decoration of weapons and protection against evil powers. These gemstones were used for deflecting pirates and the loch ness monster by the sailors.

White Coral is considered to be a semi-precious gemstone and is composed of Calcium Carbonate. This material is an exoskeleton or outer shell, derived from marine Polyps. Also known by the name of Safed Moonga, this gemstone gives a rating of 3.5 on Moh’s scale of hardness. This semi-precious gemstone has been used by humans since antiquity for decoration and benefiting themselves. White Coral is derived from the coral reefs, mainly situated in USA and Australia.

As this gemstone possesses numerous transcendental properties, it has been used for ages to benefit and heal people. Some of the White Coral benefits are:

• Medically, White Coral is extremely beneficial in cases of backaches, asthma, common cold, bronchitis, and jaundice.

• For pregnant women, this gemstone is to be tied around their navel to prevent any complicacies and miscarriage.

• Also, White Corals are known to be beneficial in the ailments like allergies, cough, inflammations, chicken pox, fistula and impotency.

• The people who have trouble in communicating with others due to anxiety, lack of confidence or inferiority complex should wear this gemstone as it relieves all kinds of anxiety and lets the person to communicate with confidence.

• Wearing White Coral improves the metabolism and enhances the immunity system of the wearer.

• The people who suffer from destructive mentality & have destructive and suicidal tendencies, wearing this gemstone helps them in overcoming such thoughts.

• Wearers of White Coral are blessed with high levels of positive energy and happy life.

• Wearing this gemstone enhances the ability of the person to bond with others with ease and also helps in maintaining relations.

• White Coral is bestowed upon with the power to protect its wearer from accidents and mishaps.

The white coral gemstone is regarded to be the best gemstone by the astrologer to be worn to curb or disparate all the diseases related to blood. It is believed that if someone is suffering from the blood related disease. He/she should take the powder of white coral gemstone with honey to get rid-off all such diseases.

If a person is suffering from diarrhea or piles, then in that case he/she should wear white coral to get rid-of this situation.

A short temper person may also avail this stone to control his emotions. This stone is known to deviate the negative energies of the stone toward positiveness. Hence, the stone can bring calmness of mind and allow a person to get rid-of anger.

Eating the powder of white coral stone with the betle leaf would reduce the cough problem.

The white coral stone will guard a person against injuries and road accident. Moreover, the stone will also help in healing serious surgical wound.

The stone is also known to be benign for curbing the piles and enhances the physical strength. It will also increase the stamina and courage of a person.

The stone white coral also protects a person against evil spirits, bad dreams and negative thoughts. The stone also dispels the negative thoughts from the mind.

The white coral stone also reduces the mental tension. Therefore, if a person is in a depression, then he/ she should wear white coral stone to get rid-off negative thoughts.

These all are the health benefits of wearing white coral gemstone which a person can perceive after wearing this precious gemstone. Nevertheless, a person should always consult an astrologer before wearing this gemstone. Since, the astrologer will guide one in a right manner so that he/she more efficiently conceive the health benefits from this stone.


1)预防经痛等妇女生理病 长期佩戴白珊瑚能预防痛经等妇女生理病,小朋友佩戴白珊瑚,有保护骨骼成长的效果,心脏病及神经系统疾病离患者也很适合佩带白珊瑚,白珊瑚对皮肤,指甲,头发等生长都有帮助。

2)白珊瑚代表热情与激情 白珊瑚对爱情而言,像珊瑚的红色一般,代表着热情与激情。可加强佩带者的性感魅力,有助打开心胸,接受感情。使人提高心灵层次,有着高度敏感性,对浑屯不清的局势有调和的作用,白色的珊瑚饰品代表纯洁、善良、安静、温柔等,女孩子佩戴尤为合适。

3)医用价值 近代医学的发展,证实珊瑚石不但是真正的宝石,而且它还具有很多药用和医用价值。

4)保健养颜 白珊瑚有养颜保健,活血、明目、驱热、镇惊痫,排汗利尿等诸多医疗功效。400多年前,医药大师李时珍先生在经典名著《本草纲目》中就记载珊瑚有:“去翳明目,安神镇惊。用于目生翳障,惊痫,鼻巾丑。”等功效。据有关资料介绍,珊瑚石有止呕吐、止泻、止血、治腰痛、小儿惊风、清热解毒、化痰止咳、排汗利尿等作用。国外最新研究认为珊瑚可用来接骨,入药可治溃疡、动脉硬化、高血压、冠心病以及性病。

5)观赏价值 珊瑚历来就是珍贵的观赏、装饰工艺品,一盆珊瑚工艺盆景美丽多姿,令人倾倒,价值不菲。而活的珊瑚就更加绚丽缤纷,杏黄翠绿,紫蛇嫣红,千姿百态,令人美不胜收。

6)经济价值 红珊瑚的价值可以与黄金相比,因而人们把之称为海上黄金,而更加贵重的是能制成各种药物的珊瑚。目前发现,群体海葵可提取比氰化物毒1万倍的药品用于治疗癌症,真可以说是一克值万金。活珊瑚生态缸的价格每缸都近千美元。珊瑚保护区可称得上是一座潜在的药物资源宝库,其价值难以估计。

7)实用价值 大的珊瑚石居家摆件不仅可以起到很好的观赏、装饰作用,珊瑚石同时释放的游离子钙及其它微量元素(铁、锰、镁等)也可为人体所吸收,珊瑚石还可以吸收空气中的有害气体,吸附空气中的游离灰尘。


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