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Variscite is a stone with a cheerful vibration that will bring peace and harmony to your heart. It is ideal for anyone suffering from stress or anxiety.

It improves one's life by instilling feelings of inner calm, love, and compassion.  It is useful for anyone who is suffering from illness or the caregiver of an unwell person.

This stone is very beneficial if you are feeling depressed and unable to find hope.  It is a powerful stone that connects you to the energy of the earth and universal love, allowing you to release disharmony. 

Using one of these stones can help ease stress and promotes relaxation due to its powerful harmony vibration. It will help you to open your heart and expel bad energy.

Because it also has a healing action in the body, it is known to particularly help problems of the nervous system. It is said to help male reproductive issues, such as impotence. It may help constricted blood flow, and is an aid to regenerate the elasticity of veins and skin. Variscite is also known to aid abdominal distension, and to neutralize acid and to assist gout, ulcers and rheumatism. They can also be helpful in aiding manifestation such as manifesting ideas that may be helpful for solving problems. This is a favourable stone if you are suffering from depression, anxiety or stress. Variscite is a stone with a heartfelt vibration that will give rise to joyous feelings, and bring peace and harmony to your heart.


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