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Trolleite depending on where it is from, it can have different combinations including Quartz, Lazulite, Scorzalite, and occasionally Lepidolite. Without the addition of other minerals, the color of this mineral can be light green, greenish blue or colourless. The mineral Lazulite is responsible for giving Trolleite its blue color.

Trolleite aids in meditation. During meditation, its energetic sphere of serene serenity envelops us, encouraging us to let go of the world's distractions and old habits. It gives us the peace of mind to investigate the clarity and expansiveness of life, the earth, and the universe, allowing us to connect with our higher consciousness and spirituality.

Trolleite relieves stress and gives us a sense of purpose. It can help us sleep better and remember our dreams better.

Trolleite enhances sensitivity and intuition while also promoting self-discipline, ethics, and personal responsibility. It promotes mental and emotional focus, making it easier to embrace independence and accountability, as well as set and achieve goals. It enables us to live in harmony with others and solve difficulties with clarity while shielding us from other influences so that we can see our way clearly.

Trolleite provides support and bravery by encouraging us to listen and communicate effectively, making it simpler to convey the truth and speak from the heart. It promotes tolerance and gives us the insight to see others with compassion, accept their flaws, and learn from them with an open heart.

On a physical level, Trolleite helps with headaches, migraines, reduced vision, speech or pronunciation problems, sense of smell, motion sickness, strengthening hair and nails, and nerve pains.


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