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Tridacna is the whitest substance on the planet, as well as an unique organic gemstone and Buddhist relic.  The tridacna clamshell has a pearl lustre and is glossy, but it is pure white in color; only the glossy and delicately textured calm shell may be used to manufacture tridacna jewelry.

Tridacna, known as one of the "Seven Treasures of Buddhism of the Lotus Sutra," can help to stabilize mood, reduce concern, balance mental and physical conditions, and calm scared nerves.

Tridacna is a special stone that will help you deal with your emotions or stress while also keeping your mind clear. It can ensure that your mood or emotions are balanced and tranquil, removing anxieties from your thoughts and being at peace to prevent stress in your daily life. Opening up new avenues for you to take, as well as an improvement in intuition and decision making, will result in a higher quality of life, as there will be prosperity and abundance.

It has the ability to soothe your nerves, which results in calming your entire body and aids persons suffering from insomnia; it allows people suffering from insomnia to have a good night's sleep. It also lowers blood pressure and makes you seem younger because of its anti-ageing energy and characteristics.

Tridacna will shield you from negative energies that could injure or disrupt your energy and aura.


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