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Snowflake Rutile

Snowflake rutile is a mixture of golden and silver/white rutiles. It is very popular and is believed to welcome luck and wealth into the wearer's life. This crystal is not only highly energizing but also brings about passion during difficult times. This crystal improves overall cognitive abilities, being intuitive to discern positive and negative vibes or motives that a person has towards the wearer. This crystal enhances growth of the spirit and cleanses the energy around them. Wards of negative energy and diseases & enables letting go of the past. Promoting forgiveness, relief of fears, phobias & anxiety as well.

The golden light in the crystal aids in treating diseases within the digestive system as well as respiratory system. This magnificent crystal cures many different aspects of human diseases. Stimulating cell regeneration and repairing torn tissue.

This white cosmic light represents light and a sense of hope that helps the human soul. Some other functions such as bringing hope, peace and improvement of health and the silver and white are absolute colors of hope. For people that encounter creative blocks, this can help to enhance thinking and bring about good ideas.

This crystal is good for communication and motivation in terms of talking to subordinates, forming good relations with people around them and empowers them with strength and courage to accomplish a specific task given. It can attract an abundance of wealth and prosperity, it ensures the wearer to advance in their career.

It is an all rounder in terms of attracting wealth, inducing users with a good mood, strong positive energy, looking youthful.

雪霜发晶又名“雾凇发”或“冰花发”,是各种发晶发丝表面覆盖一层幽灵而形成,一般以黄色幽灵和白色出现。 白色宇宙之光,代表光明与希望,具有人心灵的能量,对于希望、平安、健康、圆满、光明、消灾解厄都有一定程度的功能,因为银色与白色都是代表光明健康的绝对色彩。








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