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Selenite is a very peaceful, calming crystal that has the ability to clear away negative energy. If you feel stressed out, tired, or angry, holding a selenite crystal can help clear away the negative energy and leave you feeling calmer and more centered. Because of its calm-inducing properties, Selenite is an excellent crystal to use during meditation. Place one nearby while you meditate or hold a palm stone in your hand to help keep your mind clear, lucid, and calm.

Selenite also has the unique ability to filter out negative messages in your mind that make you feel fearful, angry, or victimized.

One of the things that makes Selenite a unique crystal is that you do not need to cleanse or charge this crystal as it has the ability to constantly self-cleanse and recharge itself. Other crystals need to be periodically cleansed of negative or residual energies. Selenite is one of the most popular crystals used to cleanse or recharge other crystal

Selenite is a soft crystal and should be handled with care. It should not be stored with other crystals that could scratch its surface. When storing, wrap it in a soft fabric such as satin or silk so that its surface will not be damaged. Selenite is water-soluble, so it should never be rinsed or immersed in water. Doing so will cause its surface to erode. It is also best to keep Selenite out of direct sunlight as this may cause its surface to crack and lose its luster.

You can place Selenite in your home or office to bring peace and tranquillity. Also, you can create a yin-yang balance by topping a piece of selenite with black tourmaline.

To clean your Selenite crystal, simply dust it lightly with a gentle cloth. Never use cleaning products or polishes on it.

Selenite Physical Healing

Selenite is best used to clear blockages and densities in the energy field, and to direct high-frequency energy into the body to stimulate physical healing. It is often used to align the spinal column. (With a Selenite crystal or wand, trace the spinal column from the base of the spine to the back of the neck to remove blockages, or travel in the opposite direction to smooth the flow of energy.) Selenite also strengthens the core physical structure by promoting flexibility within the muscular system, as well as supporting the bones, nerves, and tendons.

Selenite may be used to assist in treatments to correct disorders or deformities of the skeletal system, and for stabilizing epileptic disorders. It is thought to ameliorate illnesses caused by mercury poisoning from dental amalgam, and to prevent and reverse the effects of “free radicals.” Selenite may be used as an emotional stabilizer to calm mood swings and aid attention deficit disorder and can be utilized as a boost for youthfulness and vitality, and to help extend one’s life span.

Selenite Emotional Healing Energy

Selenite may be used to calm and stabilize erratic emotions, and to clear away confusion, feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, doubt or other forms of negativity. It allows one to see the inner workings of a situation and to grasp what is superficial and what is going on at a deeper level. Selenite helps bring flexibility to one’s nature and strength to one’s decisions. It can also be used to stimulate the emotional body in overcoming stagnation, compelling one to move forward with one’s life.

透石膏的功效: 1. 帶來心智的清晰,讓人們更容易接近天使意識,與其他生命產生連結,提升便別審視與洞察的能力,展現內在工作。 2. 透石膏能淨化乙太體,它的能量與頂輪的頻率共振,而因此可以淨化與開啓這個能量中心,協助一個人連結大我。透石膏能鼓舞一個人在生命的道路上更往前進,克服裹足不前的問題,不受限於安全感造成的框架。 3. 能夠提高靈感與洞察力的寶石,這種寶石最適合「這麼做也不是,那麼做也不是」常常猶豫不決而困擾型的人。可以幫助被其他人的意見左右、陷入優柔寡斷,無法做決定的狀況。 4. 想要轉換工作的時候、想要找出自己生命課題的時候,把透石膏放在頭上做裝飾,會指引你一個新的方向。 5. 因爲具有儲存及發放資訊的特殊功能,又被稱爲「電訊寶石」。透石膏在古代馬雅文化的傳統中,認為遇到遲疑難決的事情,可以用手輕握透石膏靜心冥想,就能夠找到答案,是非常特殊的礦石。


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