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Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite is a gemstone with a meaning and properties of strengthening the soul. This gemstone is good for increasing self-confidence and being more proactive.

This gemstone would encourage endurance and give strength to its owner to overcome obstacle.

Ruby Zoisite will inspire one to follow through with their aspiration. It would motivate you to remove yourself from negative situations.

Ruby Zoisite also has a meaning and properties related to a talisman. Please use it if you feel energy coming from your circumstance. It would block bad energy by keeping your mind strong. The power of this gemstone is for making yourself stronger than protecting weak ones. The unique harmony of the colors also signifies happiness, it is to show that you should enjoy and relax in life whenever possible. ruby zoisite can help release suppressed anger, sadness or displeasures. it would make one realize that holding a grudge is the most painful thing one can do.


功效 它对应心轮,可强化生命力, 防小人的谋害和中伤。增强意志力,有助贯彻始终,达成目标。

功能:. 改善人际关系,加强勇气,能增强自信心。具繁荣兴盛的能量,有助健康长寿。 绿色光之王,能量特大,可作护身符之用。有效舒缓呼吸方面疲劳,有助清理头绪,缓和紧张压力。






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