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Riverstone is known as the “bones of Mother Earth,” as it is one of the oldest used crystals for strength and energy. Riverstone is a sedimentary rock, a form of limestone. It embodies the fluidity, vitality, and movement of water.

This is a great stone to accelerate change and initiate the acceptance of new situations. Riverstone is thought to energize one’s aura, which makes it a great choice if you’re feeling stuck or resistant to changes. It can be used to help the wearer recognize and accept change. It encourages us to go with the flow, rather than to resist change or evolution. In this way, it is a grounding stone, helping us to find peace in acceptance. It is also known to accelerate physical processes such as growth and digestion.

Although Riverstone can be worn anywhere and is used in many ways, it is especially helpful when used in malas as it promotes grounding during meditation or prayer. Because of its natural flow, Riverstone is best worn on an unknotted necklace or mala so the energy can move freely. The stone's power is best harnessed when used with a specific intention or goal. Riverstone can be used especially in times of feeling unbalanced: It helps to balance the yin and yang, the masculine and feminine, the solar and lunar.


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