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Red Agate

Red Agate has a translucent finish, it is a microcrystalline form of Quartz. It was first discovered around the banks of the Achates River in Italy, which is how it got its unique name.

The stone’s protective nature doesn’t just apply to physical hazards, the meaning of Red Agate is also tied to passion, self-love, and perseverance.

Red Agate is said to know no bounds when it comes to healing properties and benefits. A multipurpose stone, many turn to Red Agate for the slew of benefits that can positively impact your mind, body, and soul.

The most common reason why crystal collectors flock to Red Agate is its emotional healing properties. Many healing stones are said to cleanse negative energy and help with bad moods.

If you’re dealing with buried pain that’s preventing you from moving forward in life, Red Agate is a wonderful tool for addressing it. The fire-red stone stokes the embers of passion, reigniting a fight to accomplish your goals.

Instead of just getting rid of bad memories, Red Agate encourages you to face them head-on, allowing you to choose to let them go.

Red Agate is also a mighty stone for self-empowerment. Many people suffer from feelings of doubt due to past experiences and tribulations. You might build up an emotional wall that prevents you from experiencing all the beauty of life.

With Red Agate by your side, you can break down those barriers and live life to the fullest. It imbues you with positivity, logical thinking, and inspirational meaning. Rather than letting fear guide your path, it helps you stay calm in self-analysis.

That might seem counterproductive at first, but facing your fears and inner doubts can often be the best thing for you. It forces you to see what’s holding you back and gives you some new insight into matters of the heart and spirit.

Red Agate is known for sparking creativity. Some say that it can manifest a creative epiphany.

Those emotional benefits might translate to healthier love life, too. When you open your mind to forgiveness and compassion, love can naturally find you. Some crystal believers utilize Red Agate to encourage open communication and love’s embrace.

Like other red-colored stones, Red Agate is thought to be particularly useful in the circulatory system. Some crystal practitioners believe that it supports the heart and improves blood vessel function. Others even say it can make an impact on blood-related disorders like anemia and hypertension.

The complementary lymphatic system is said to get a boost as well. The theory is that it can potentially improve the immune system and assists with natural detoxification. The latter benefit is said to help prevent disease and promote healthy organ function throughout the body.

Red Agate may address some ailments more directly. For example, many turn to the stone for help with stress-related short-term problems. Some users also report that it helped them with tension headaches, acne, and more.





对目前现况消极,没有目标及冲劲的人,有刺激其好奇心及行动力的作用,让其认清目标 急起直追,也能消除敌人的恶意与忌妒,带来和平的新关系。加强创意与创作力,在创作的过程中灵感泉涌。




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