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Rainbow Spinel

Spinel is a stone of revitalization, and it can re-energize all aspects of yourself. This makes it an excellent stone for workaholics. It will help release your stress and anxieties, and it will replenish your low energy levels. This stone will bring you inspiration. It’s a stone that will also bring you new hope.

The energies of this stone will help you find new ways of thinking and give you the strength to face life’s challenges.

It will make you more persistent and determined not to crumble under pressure, and it will make you look forward to the future when this difficult period is over. Spinel is connected with energy renewal, with overcoming tough circumstances, and with your body and mind’s rejuvenation. It will open your chakras because of its extensive color range.

Spinel will enhance all the positive sides of your personality. It will help you achieve success with humility, and it will help you accept your failures with optimism. This stone will align your physical, emotional, and etheric bodies. It will remove all the blockages that are preventing a smooth energy flow. It will also promote physical vitality and ease all signs of exhaustion in your body, heart, mind, and spirit!

This stone will also strengthen your intuition and bring a balance to your emotions. It will boost your creativity and give you mental clarity. Spinel is also known as “the stone of immortality,” because it will bring freshness to all your pursuits and endeavors!

Spinel can help in the treatment of infertility. It can help with the purification and detoxification process.This stone can also calm the nervous system.

Spinel can give good support during the recovery period from illness or trauma. It can also reduce fatigue and replenish diminishing energy levels. It can dispel nervousness and anxiety. It’s known to alleviate feelings of soreness and physical swelling.

It can aid in the treatment of joints, muscles, and bones. It can also be beneficial to the gums, teeth and the spine.

It can support weigh loss efforts by increasing physical power and endurance and regulating metabolic functions.

Spinel will give insight into your material or financial problems, and it will give you the physical strength to keep going and follow through. Anyone who wears this stone will remain completely focused on accomplishing their goals.

It’s an excellent stone to have when you have low self-esteem or low self-confidence because you will have stronger faith in all that you can do and achieve!

Spinel is a stone of hope that will give you encouragement when you’re experiencing challenges in your relationship.

It will help you get rid of all your negative thoughts and feelings. Instead, Spinel will foster the spirit of appreciation and gratitude. This stone will help you in releasing your worries, and it will make you less resistant to change.

Spinel is a stone that vibrates with the energies of inspiration and beauty. Spinel is also a stone that will stimulate sexual desire.It will also facilitate an open, clear, and non-judgmental communication.









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