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Rainbow Aquamarine

Rainbow Aquamarine is made out of yellow, blue and green Beryl.

The yellow-coloured Beryl is known as Heliodor, while a blue Beryl is known as Aquamarine.

This crystal will show users how they can manage their time effectively and efficiently in terms of tasks required to be done. Gives the owner insights into how to deal with stress on a day-to-day basis. Allows users to remove and lighten the emotional baggage they are carrying as well as enable understanding of past emotions to not allow it to affect their present or future self.

The healing properties are beneficial such as aiding blood circulation and removing toxins within the body. It eases when the person is under concussions and treatments regarding the backbone, stomach, heart and liver. It is believed if this stone was an elixir and rinsing the mouth with it, it aids in throat and asthma problems. Strengthens the intestine and helps to treat respiratory problems.

This crystal gives off positive and smooth vibrations that help the owner to be street smart, be a quick thinker to solve issues as well as have a clear mind. Being able to reach ambitions that were thought to be out of their reach benefits especially lazy people as it acts as a booster of determination and motivation. It wouldn’t be surprising that the owner will be able to naturally climb up the corporate ladder or be provided with other jobs that are much better than the current. This crystal brings abundance and prosperity such as growth and steady progression for their wealth and many available opportunities.


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