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Purple Aventurine

Purple Aventurine is one of several colors found in the Aventurine family. Green Aventurine is well recognized for Heart Healing, while Blue Aventurine aids in the transformation of negative thinking. Purple Aventurine is known for its ability to treat ailments of the Soul and Spirit.

Aventurine is a type of quartz with mica impurities that add color and shine. This stone might be blue, peach, yellow, or other hues depending on the type of inclusion. Lepidolite inclusions give this Aventurine its purple color, therefore it may appear to be a shinier, lighter version of Lepidolite.

All members of the Aventurine family help us heal some aspect of ourselves and can clear and balance our energetic field. Aventurine is excellent for ALL types of energy balancing. This helps with its healing abilities. It can balance out masculine/feminine, yin/yang, and physical energies. If you’re feeling “off” physically, a little out of sorts, then this is a good source to help you reset. Additionally, Aventurine diffuses negative energy and situations and turns them positive. This is an excellent stone for healers in general, such as nurses, doctors, Reiki healers, and all those in the healing profession. Not only does it help to balance and heal illness in the patients, but it also helps to protect the healer and keep him/her in balance as well.

Purple Aventurine is a potent Spirit healer. It is especially helpful if you are experiencing a faith crisis. Even among the faithful, bad things happen. Purple Aventurine assists us in standing tall and clinging to Faith and its role in the human experience even when we are feeling let down by the world.

If you have just experienced a significant disappointment in your spiritual tradition, the spiritual characteristics of Purple Aventurine can assist you in sitting with your experience, absorbing it, and observing how it impacts your sentiments and spiritual path.


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