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Picasso-Marble/ Picasso Jasper

Picasso-Marble is an extremely nurturing stone. It will support and sustain you during your times of stress or difficulties. It will give you what you need for you to get past the difficult stage, and it will do so with love and protection.

Picasso-Marble is also a very grounding and calming stone. It will be your companion stone during your challenging period and make sure that you are connected strongly to reality. It will bring you feelings of peace, calm, and wholeness. Which is why it’s also an excellent meditation stone. It’s a protective stone that will protect you from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual harm. It will remove all the negative energies that surround your aura, and it will protect you from any kind of physical or psychical attacks.

Picasso-Marble supports the body during weight loss. It’s also known to be very effective in treating viral infections. It can be beneficial in healing eye problems as well. Picasso-Marble will dissolve any kind of creative or artistic blocks so that you can work productively and effectively. It will help you come up with fresh new ideas that will boost your income potential.

This stone will expand your mind so that you can dream bigger dreams and achieve higher goals. It will inspire you to look forward to the future with hope and enthusiasm. The energies of Picasso-Marble also symbolize the manifestation of your physical and material goals. It will bring about your financial stability and security.

Picasso-Marble carries energies of gain, abundance, and prosperity. When you have this stone with you, you will be attracting plenty of good luck and good fortune. Picasso-Marble will bring healing to your relationship. If your relationship is going through a rough patch and you’re not sure whether you should hold on or let go, the energies of this stone will give you a pretty good idea. It will remove whatever is causing you pain, bitterness, jealousy, insecurity, or anger in your heart and mind. It will encourage you to accept the situation's reality instead of pretending everything is fine. Only then will you be able to recognize the problem and its root cause. Only then will you be able to heal and move forward from the experience. Only then will you be able to decide whether the relationship is still worth saving. This stone will bring balance and harmony into your relationship. Even if you’re going through something painful or tough in your relationship, you will still find reasons to smile, laugh, and have a good time. You will still find peace and serenity even when it feels like chaos surrounds you!

With the guidance of Picasso-Marble, you will be able to find the right path even when you are changing your relationship. Picasso-Marble will also positively transform an ailing relationship. It will work to strengthen it every day until it becomes a flourishing and stable one.

Picasso-Marble will increase your self-control so that you will be more satisfied and proud of your choices and decisions. It will give you clarity on what you want and what you need. It will also work overtime to protect, strengthen, and nurture you!

畢加索能量石是一種產自美國的半寶石, 具有美麗多變的色彩和極具復古懷舊韻味的天然裂紋,其紋理猶如中世紀畢加索抽象畫的色彩豐富風格。畢加索能量石是具點狀斑紋的石髓,是力量之源,能消除壓力,啟動身體內部能量,經常佩戴會有強健身心的功效。 畢加索能量石也非常適合喜歡追求藝術或個性化的人士和畢加索迷,因為每一顆珠子都是獨特的,每一條手珠都是獨一無二的美麗。

功效: 1) 消除壓力,啟動身體內部能量。 2) 強健身心 3) 天然獨特,粒粒珠子皆獨一無二。 4) 它提醒我地保持喜樂,享受人生 5) 畢加索寶石 可助一段關係轉化 6) 能吸引有意想,有意念嘅人使成為更忠誠,可信的朋友;亦有助於舊朋友之間的友誼 7) 有助提醒個人自律性


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