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Phlogopite is part of the Mica group and Biotite subgroup of minerals. This means that it exhibits both Mica and Biotite properties, plus its own distinctive characteristics. Like other micas, Phlogopite potassium ion layers bonded together with magnesium aluminium silicate sheets. Phlogopite usually exhibits different shades of brown with a pearly or vitreous luster.

This stone will motivate you to appreciate your life. It will help you feel more connected to yourself, your life, and your higher self. It is also a stone that will help you connect. It will encourage balance and a systematic attitude. It will also help you look at issues more sympathetically and thoughtfully. 

It reflects your capacity for kindness and forgiveness, as well as your desire for progress and knowledge. Phlogopite will motivate you to live a joyful and peaceful life. It will inspire you to embrace your genuine self and have a positive impact on others around you. This stone will also offer you the strength and courage to fight against human injustices. It will assist you in overcoming self-blame and victim consciousness.

Phlogopite will make you see or acknowledge your own imperfections. This will enable you to love yourself despite your flaws. Phlogopite has amazing energies that can be used for self-reflection since it allows you to see what others see in you.

When it comes to physical healing, Phlogopite is claimed to be very helpful in relieving back pain. It has the potential to improve muscle relaxation and overall physical well-being. It can keep your teeth in good condition and your bones in good shape.  Phlogopite's therapeutic energies can be employed to normalize bile secretion. It can also help with the rehabilitation of any eye condition.


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