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Morganite allows you to learn that all past experiences are a way of life and moving on from them is essential for you to grow It is a crystal that will allow you to discover your own strength and courage as well as the confidence to keep moving forward despite facing many setbacks in life. Life is unpredictable and being appreciative and living in the moment, doing your best and changing your destiny is what you should be doing; taking charge of your life and going in the direction you want to go. It will make you feel grateful for all the minor things that happen in your life. It will allow you to view the world in a more open-minded aspect of being able to learn lessons from people that have taken advantage of you and show gratitude at the end of the day when looking back at what has happened in the past. Even if there are days that are hectic and chaotic, you will eventually find peace and be able to distress.

Morganite is able to deal with heart issues/problems as well as clear any respiratory issues and being able to relieve stress. This crystal is also able to ensure that there will be clarity when dealing with chaotic situations or stressful situations by being able to think clearly and logically about how to deal with issues one step at a time. It is also able to attract wealth and abundance into your life when you are in need of it.

This gemstone is able to ensure that you feel love, compassion and assurance to anyone that is currently in a relationship or those that are falling in love. It is able to remove past bad experiences and traumas that have been affecting you from getting into a relationship. There is a saying that falling in love is easy but it is difficult to stay in a loving relationship as it requires two hands to clap for both parties putting in effort and loving each other consistently. This Stone will be a form of encouragement of ensuring that there will be more actions taken instead of empty words said and not taking any action. It will ensure that you will have a sense of responsibility for making the person you love feel happy as well as being more considerate for your loved one; being able to give you insights into the many small actions that you think will not affect the relationship indeed has a very big and deep impact on it.

This stone will remind you that it is difficult to find someone that loves you and that you must cherish it and give back the same amount the other party is putting in. It will ensure that both parties will be able to grow, learn and understand the importance of putting effort and work into the relationship. It will be able to break down your defensive mechanisms that have built up due to past experiences; the next person in line that loves you does not need to be the one to take up the responsibility to be treated in a defensive manner. This is what this stone will be able to teach both parties.


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