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Mariposite comes from Mariposa in California and is said to have a positive influence in all aspects of your life, encouraging more flexibility to adapt to different environments and situations easily. It will help reduce stress levels, feel calm, and remove exhaustion from the body. A better form of communication with you and your surroundings, having a balance of yin and yang energy within your body and clears the mind to have clarity of thinking that allows you to communicate with the divine and beyond.

Aids with sleeping issues such as insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleeping issues as well as strengthening teeth and bones. It can heal skin diseases and protects the female reproductive system, sweat glands and ovules. Due to its vibrational level, it can relieve stress that will impact our health and can be removed.

This crystal is more of a calm, compassionate, peaceful crystal in all its form of manifestation. It will be beneficial to you if you need to manage people such as people who are always questioning your authority and have difficulty handling personalities. Removal of failures in life by being a form of support allows you to be more compassionate and kind towards people as there is a saying that by helping others, you will get a hundred times a fold back.


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