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Madagascar Purple Rose Quartz

Madagascar Purple Rose Quartz helps to heal users facing loneliness or any form of lacking affection. It will fill your uneasy heart with the energy of love and is usually used to solve conflicts between couples. It prevents you from any form of self-harm such as being hateful towards yourself and denying yourself as well as physically protecting yourself.

It helps you to heal emotional wounds that you have faced before, relieves stress that you received on a day to day basis, This special crystal allows you to detect other’s true intentions, quick analysis and respond to different situations and requests such as high professional customer service skills.

Madagascar Purple Rose quartz is able to boost your morale and helps to remove negativity from within your heart. Protecting you from forms of temptations and corruptions, allowing you to have a peaceful mind despite many externalities that could have affected you.

This crystal also is able to rejuvenate your skin's cellular recovery that allowing you to be able to look youthful. It is said to be able to be used as an elixir when soaked with water overnight in the moonlight. It is said to have strong vibrations of love which is able to inspire you with compassion and enable you to feel at peace as well as being calm as the sea.


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