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Madagascar Ocean Agate

Madagascar Ocean Agate reduces tension and promotes relaxation. Its purifying function clears out negative energy and balances the aura. It's a great worry or rubbing stone for calming tensions and enhancing concentrate, and it's also great for removing nightmares or negative thoughts.

Use Madagascar Ocean Agate to encourage patience for both for yourself and for others. It helps to release pent-up rage and eliminate emotional barriers in a calm and gradual manner. Madagascar Ocean Agate is an excellent stone for healers and counselors who want to nurture themselves while helping others, and who want to be more sensitive to others' emotional and mental needs while staying objective in their job.

Madagascar Ocean Agate is thought to be extremely restorative for internal organ tissue damage and useful in eliminating toxins that produce body odor and flatulence from the lymph system. It is supposed to aid in the stabilization of vitamin and mineral absorption, particularly in balancing salt and iodine levels and reducing water retention. It soothes the stomach, relieves nausea and vomiting, and strengthens the stomach. It can be used to treat thyroid problems, seasickness, and other inner-ear abnormalities, as well as eczema and skin ailments.

Madagascar Ocean Agate brings long-buried and unresolved emotional issues to the surface and heals them with its soft nurturing energies. It promotes being honest with oneself and accepting responsibility for one's actions when dealing with challenges. It cultivates patience, self-love, and empathy for others through time, as well as a more optimistic outlook on the future.


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