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Iddingsite is a common alteration of olivine during oxidation, hydrothermal and deuteric processes. It appear as a reddish-brown replacement of olivine. The geologic occurrence of iddingsite is limited to extrusive or subvolcanic rocks that are formed by injection of magma near the surface. It is absent from deep-seated rocks and is found on meteorites.

Iddingsite meteorite can help improve micro circulation and human immunity. Furthermore, it has effective prevention and treatment function towards cervical pain, respiratory tract, hypertension, diabetes, cardiopulmonary abnormalities and other chronic diseases. And Rheumatic fever, headache and dizziness, insomnia and amnesia, arrhythmia and other sub-health states could be improved to great extent.

Since ancient times, there are cultural beliefs that Iddingsite crystals are believed to heal afflictions in human beings. Beyond their everyday use of beautification in ornaments and decoration, a dedicated therapy involves using crystals for healing chronic ailments. This practice which utilizes Iddingsite healing properties is known as crystal healing. Certain crystals are believed to be associated with prominent planets and channelize the energies from these planets into wearer's body.

Iddingsite metaphysical properties are the qualities associated with our personality that get enhanced due to wearing of this gemstone. Owing to all such metaphysical properties as well as Iddingsite Astrology, Iddingsite gem has also grown popular as a lucky gem among celebrities and sportsmen. Commonly, gemstones are used to enhance joy, reduce stress level, boost concentration power and to attain peace of mind.


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