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Hokutolite (北投石) it’s a very rare stone. It`s mined only in Taiwan and Japan, but now it's prohibited in Japan as it's designed as a natural treasure.

Hokutokite is mostly recognized for its health properties. It has high concentrations of negative ions and far infrared rays, which can help

  • Increase metabolism

  • Improving blood circulation

  • Regulating nervous system

  • Strengthening immune system

  • Eliminating insomnia and stress anxiety

Their effects on health are like going to a Japanese onsen, relaxing and getting out of the tiredness of the day. As such it has the name "spring stone" or 温泉石。

Hokutolite is able to sense danger and lead its owner to make a safe choice. Hokuolite is also a gemstone for making your dreams come through. It will strengthen its owner's willpower and get rid of laziness. It can also help improve one's imagination and bring your manifestation to reality. The power of your mind is the strongest, with a positive mindset many of your dreams and aspirations can come true. It can also improve one's luck and intuition. Allowing its owner to catch the right opportunity for success.


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