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Green rutilated quartz (Green toumalinated quartz)

Green rutilated quartz aka green toumalinated quartz is one of the strongest power is that it can bring major breakthrough in career luck, other than green phantom.

Green Rutilated Quartz also brings transformation of health. You can use this stone to turn the healing tides if you are struggling with your health. It is said to be excellent in alleviating energy depletion and exhaustion.

A very popular stone among businessmen, Rutilated quartz prepares one to face new challenges with confident, enhances concentration, improves foresight and gives you the ability to identify people who are trying to cheat you in business. It protects you from "small people" - people with ill-intentions towards you, whether in your career, relationship or business.

Mentally, this powerful crystal helps to clear your mind and increase creativity. Rutilated quartz also has the name "Iluminator for the soul" is believed that ladies who wear them will exude better aura (looks "brighter" with improved complexion).

Emotionally, Rutilated quartz is purported to soothe dark moods and alleviates depression. This stone is said to relieve phobias, anxiety and fears. It counters self-hatred and releases constrictions. Rutile Quartz also promotes forgiveness at all levels.

Green Tourmalinated Quartz is a gemstone that supports to find your real self. It has meaning and properties of checking your true talents and possibilities again. It would lead you to success by recognizing yourself accurately. This gemstone is useful when you feel like you are not using your skills well or being carried away by time. Green Tourmalinated Quartz can lead you to the right fate. It is recommended for people who want to know the truth and the purpose of their souls.

Green Tourmalinated Quartz has meaning and properties of finding the truth. It is good to use when you need to make a choice or want to find your real feelings. It would tell its owner which way is the best. Please use it to build your ideal future. It is very difficult to understand your mind accurately. You might have to hide your true feelings to live in the society. If you repeat that, your true feelings can be hurt and lose self-confidence. Green Tourmalinated Quartz is a gemstone that can clear this kind of problem. Please use it when you want to release your energy.

Green Tourmalinated Quartz is a gemstone that strongly protects your mind. It has meaning and properties to fill your mind with strong energy and protect you from negative energy. It is good for people who have sensitive heart or easily get stressed out. When your heart is already hurt, this gemstone would gently heal it. Green Tourmalinated Quartz can neutralize negative energy and bring back to a clean condition.

Tourmalinated Quartz has different names depending on the needles' color or components. The meanings and the properties will change by its color or components. Green one is especially superior in strengthening mind and heart. Other than green, there are Black Tourmalinated Quartz. The numbers of needles inside Green Tourmalinated Quartz will change by its quality. The ones with more needles and high transparency are considered as high-quality types.

Green Toumalinated Quartz is a very rare gemstone. Although it is very popular, you can only find a small amount of it in the market. Because of its wonderful meaning and properties, the demand is getting higher and higher. Since it is a rare gemstone, it will be more expensive than regular gemstones. Even though it is pricey, it is always in short supply. You might not even get one when it gets drained in the future. If you luckily find one, it would be better to get it quickly depending on your needs.











绿发晶里的绿发可不是普通矿物质,而是阳起石(Actinolite),顾名思义对男性有威而刚的效用。 1、绿色发晶对应心轮,有助于激发雄心壮志,能够接受挑战,开创新局面。 2、绿色发晶可招来正财,可使事业顺利,加强加薪升官的机会;待业中的人也容易找到好工作。 3、对于经常外出的人士,贴身佩戴绿色发晶,有助于带来好运、好机会。 4、男性朋友若有性功能障碍者,应用绿色发晶与其内含阳起石的复合能量,改善自身功能。 5、绿色是宇宙间的幸运光,人体心轮也是绿色光。因此,绿色的各种水晶宝石就代表财富水晶,而且是广义上的财富,包括所有的好运、好机会、好朋友、贵人相助等等,绿色也被称为正财,表示是由我们努力工作所获得的正当报酬,有别于不劳而获、意外之财的偏财。用于开心、求财,效果最好。 6、据说可运用绿色或粉红色光治疗心痛、心脏病、高血压、呼吸困难、紧张、失眠、愤怒、妄想、癌症,尤其治疗癌症最好是用绿色。一般来说,白色光可以用来治疗任何疾病,但白光太滋养,会养肥癌细胞,只有绿光只选择健康的细胞供给养分。由于绿色位于光谱中心,是最平衡的颜色。压力大时,拿着绿幽灵冥想绿光充满全身,可以解除紧张放松自己.

绿发晶的功效与作用之招财: 绿发晶是被视为最能拟聚正财气的一种天然发晶,如果在一般阳宅、办公室、营业场所等商业空间财位摆上绿发星的七星阵或星球,可以增加凝聚财富。

绿发晶的功效与作用之助事业: 上班族佩戴绿发晶有使正业增加财富甚至升迁的效果,对于创业、常出差谈事业、或翼望升职的朋友相当有帮助。

绿发晶的功效与作用之助就业 绿发晶还有一定的心理作用,它在事业、财运等方面能够激发人的斗志、积极向上的心态,能够使人勇敢的接受挑战、开拓新视野,促进升官方才的脚步;失业或正在找工作的人佩戴绿发晶饰品,可以增加就业机率,甚至会得到面试官的好评。

绿发晶的功效与作用之缓解脾气暴躁 绿色的财富的象征,宇宙间的幸运光,能够给我们带来财运,这里指的是正财,能促使我们积极向上奋发图强,获得正当财运,另外,绿发晶对于脾气暴躁、紧张、失眠等症状有很好的治疗作用。

绿发晶的功效与作用之避邪保平安 绿发晶如果配以相应寓意的事物雕刻成摆件,会有着不同的含义,如果与仙桃、童子、仙鹿、及葫芦、貔貅、金蝉、平安扣等结合起来便有了长命百岁、吉祥如意、招财、避邪、保平安、节节高升等寓意,所以说,绿发晶是一种非常名贵值得珍惜收藏的宝石!

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