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If you have lost a loved one, Goethite is a good stone to use.

They have a strong frequency that can help you heal your grief and open yourself up to love and compassion.

They help with emotional healing and releasing past life feelings and energies that no longer serve you.

It also helps you to be patient with yourself while doing this. They have remarkable metaphysical properties in that they are very anchoring.

Melody's Stone, commonly known as Super Seven, includes Goethite. 

It does not just help you to deal with new raw emotions, but may help you to deal with old grief.

It helps you cope with new raw emotions, and help you overcome with previous loss.

It promotes reasonable thinking and contentment in life, and it is wonderful for increasing your imagination.

If you have lost a loved one and are grieving, this stone has a strong vibration that can help you cope. It helps you open yourself to love and compassion and aids in emotional recovery.

This stone will help you if you want to improve your creativity, especially if you are a writer, musician, or work in a field that requires you to be creative.

It facilitates the release of past life feelings and energies that are not serving you spiritually, and it helps you to be kind with yourself while doing so.

Its vibrations at the third eye have a variety of interesting effects, including assisting in the study of mathematics, logic, and other areas of related knowledge. If you work in child care, it may help you connect better with children by allowing you to have an innocent childlike outlook on life.


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