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Emerald Chrome Muscovite

Emerald Chrome Muscovite aka canutillos emerald stimulates agility of thought and fosters the solving of problems by using information from the past. It will help you if you are studying, allowing you to use all parts of your mind.

This stone will stimulate better problem-solving abilities in everyone, and it helps to stimulate confidence and ease tension.

The vibration of these crystals encourages you to give more attention to your spiritual side, by opening you to an awareness of your higher self, and it will help you to live in the present.

As you let go of 'today' the future can unfold as it was meant to. It has strong metaphysical properties that will help you if you have side effects from the activation of psychic powers.

It is an excellent stone for you if you suffer from the symptoms of dyspraxia, including problems with clumsiness and with left-right confusion.

The blue stone is also known as Lithian Muscovite it also goes by the nickname Australian Lapis, although there is no relationship to Lapis other than its colour.

There are quite a few reasons why you might choose to use Muscovite including:

This is a stone of possibilities and may help you if you have been unintentionally holding yourself back from living a life that might be more fulfilling.

It assists you to look back to the past and learn from it while allowing the unfolding of your innate gifts in the present.

The vibration of this stone may reflect parts of yourself, that you need to be aware of. These parts may be holding you back from living your life to your full potential.

As you begin to recognize the truth of your life, Emerald Chrome Muscovite allows you to feel a deeper degree of unconditional love for both yourself and others.

If you have not already made contact with your spirit guide, in particular try to obtain the pink or red coloured Muscovite crystals. These stones will aid you in both finding your spirit guide and beginning to connect with the angels.

This stone resonates strongly within both the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, and it is a powerful stone to assist you with problem-solving. It also inspires and stimulates the mind and the higher functions of the brain.

Its energy makes you more open to receiving information from your spirit and your spirit guides. Their vibration helps you to integrate and receive information from the future that will assist your present life.

This strong resonance within the higher chakras, particularly its vibration within the third eye chakra, will help amplify psychic powers.

The energy of this stone may specifically assist you to develop your intuition, ESP, psychic visions also known as clairvoyance and telepathic abilities.

Emerald Chrome Muscovite provides psychic protection and is a highly protective stone with a strong vibration. This stone is a spiritual insulator that will seal your aura and prevent psychic attacks.

If are worried about doing spiritual development work as you are wary that you may make contact with spirits that are not positive, this stone will protect you while making contact with your spirit guide.

Chrome Muscovite helps alleviate clumsiness and left-right confusion. As these are some of the more difficult ongoing issues that dyspraxic individuals may find challenging, they might be of value to you.

It will stimulate confidence and ease tension as it helps to relieve your problems. Issues such as balance, clumsiness and left-right confusion, are often very hard for those with dyspraxia to deal with.

These stones are an easy way to assist those who have been unable to find other solutions.

Whether you have dyspraxia or not, its energy will also help with problem-solving and as well as encourage the clear expression of thoughts and feelings.

There are other benefits to having it close by in a healing situation as it is a strong aid for anyone who has allergies, as well as being helpful for those with blood-sugar concerns.

It is a positive stone to aid the adrenal glands and the kidneys and will help problems associated with dehydration.

It is said to be an excellent stone to brighten your life, including promoting shiny hair and radiant, shining eyes.

It may help to relieve inflammation, and it may be advantageous to use it following any sort of misadventure which has resulted in an inflammatory condition.

They are beneficial crystals for inflammation and may help you if you have had surgery or an accident that may have caused issues such as broken bones.


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