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Cinnabar Quartz

Cinnabar is known as the merchant's stone. The stone gathers wealth for those who keep the stone in sight of its fortune.

The energy of this stone may bring an increase of wealth into your business.

Cinnabar Quartz can be a powerful ally in this. In addition to the first two chakras, Cinnabar Quartz stimulates the third eye, making for greater insight and the ability to see visions of the potential future. It helps one ground one’s visions in physical reality as well. This makes it an ideal stone for creative people as well as business owners, both of whom can use it to actualize their dreams and create prosperity. The alchemical nature of this stone fits perfectly with the understanding that it can align, balance and remove blockages in one’s energy body. Such attunement is at the core of transformation. Also, such attributes as the ability to attract wealth and manifest ‘invincibility’ are components of the full range of capacities one might ascribe to the fulfilled blueprint of what one is meant to be.

Cinnabar and Cinnabar Quartz work in synergy with Zincite, Red Garnet, Cuprite, Carnelian and Black Tourmaline, for activation of the lower chakras and grounding of one’s energies. They also help to ground the energies aroused by the Magician in his or her work of manifestation. Adding Phenacite to Cinnabar Quartz will increase one’s visionary capacities, making one’s spiritual path a clearer choice.

Cinnabar quartz resonates at a frequency that burns through limitations and allows one to mold reality to one’s will. Cinnabar strongly activates the root and second chakras, stimulating the kundalini energy and encouraging the flow of chi through the body. It is also a stone of prosperity and can assist one in learning how to bring energy into form.

Because of Cinnabar’s ability to manifest energy into physical form and to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body, it has the effect of stimulating intuitive and psychic abilities as well. It can be used to enhance the perception of subtle energies.


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