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Blue Morganite

Morganite gemstone was discovered for the first time back in the 1900s. Chief gemologist from Tiffany & Co. renamed this stone from "Pink Beryl" to "Morganite" to honor J.P.Morgan who was their significant customer and contributor to the American Museum of Natural History.

Morganite is a beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. It consists of beryllium and aluminum metals and rings of silicates. It has prismatic crystals which may be pyramidal or transparent. This stone also has a vitreous, translucent, or transparent luster. The colors range from green to red, blue, yellow, and white as it contains impurities and inclusions.

Pink variety is known as Morganite Yellow-Green variety is known as Heliodor. Blue-Green variety is known as Aquamarine.

Morganite will bring light to your life, positive energy and help you commit and care for other people. The soothing energy of this gentle color will help you calm your anger, resentment or any other negative feelings and help you bring new love and romance into your life. Gentle energy offered by this beautiful gemstone will bring joy, pleasure, compassion, and new friendships into your life.

Morganite will give you the flexibility to go with the changes, and it will give you the strength to remain strong even when you’re facing tough times. It is a great stone that will promote equality in your relationship. It will allow the both of you to grow in love and respect. This stone will encourage loving expression and communication. Whatever you’re feeling at the moment, you will be able to control the words that leave your mouth. Morganite will also allow you to just be yourself. You will not feel compelled to impress or to pretend to be someone you’re not just to be loved or liked.

Morganite is gemstone with positive healing properties associated with the heart. Wearing this stone is great for persons having heart-related problems. It is also beneficial for the lungs, nervous system, and all illnesses that are related to high stress. Moreover, it is beneficial for treating asthma, tuberculosis, cell-related problems, tongue, thyroid gland, and for curing impotence and vertigo.

Heliodor can boost your immune system and help treat problems concerning the small intestines and the digestive system. If you suffer from chronic constipation or frequent diarrhea, you should never be without this stone. This stone can also aid in the treatment of liver disorders, as well as conditions affecting the pancreas and the spleen. It can also give relief against bilious attacks. Heliodor is also known to be effective against nausea and jaundice. It can also be used to relieve stress and eliminate exhaustion. If you have a Heliodor stone, it can be used to improve heart functions. It can also help in the healing of concussions, and even skull damage.

Aquamarine is known to be beneficial for pregnant women because it helps protect mother and baby from harm. It can also protect unborn babies and prevent miscarriages. It is also said to heal sore throats, treat thyroid problems and swollen glands, boost the immune system, and prevent allergic reactions. Aquamarine can boost growth and regulate the hormones. This stone is known to be effective in curing ailments that affect the liver, throat, and stomach.


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