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Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony can ensure that you will feel a balance in your aura as well as your state of mind, being able to feel grounded to be able to stand up for your convictions and not be affected by externalities. It can clear negativity in your head such as unnecessary noises and calm you down. This stone can show you what is happening throughout your life with self-reflection. This is considered a creative stone that will enable you with mental adaptability and improve your verbal communication.

It is a good stone for physical healing that can heal the throat and prevents any form of vocal issues. It is known to be used for treating compulsive people, bipolar disorder, dementia and Alzheimer's. It will be beneficial for smokers as it can heal the lungs by cleansing the chemicals and toxins from the air tract in the respiratory system.

Blue chalcedony can ensure that you will be able to work well and effectively with anyone and making it possible for a smooth sailing flow and being able to achieve your goals as soon as possible. There will be no conflicts within your workplace as everyone can get along with you when you carry the stone around. This stone will remove self-doubts you have against yourself and it can act as a form of a confidence booster to ensure that you are focused on positivity in your life. By doing so, more luck, as well as abundance, will be waiting for you.

Blue chalcedony is a stone of calmness and peacefulness that will be able to calm your nervous system and feel peace in your heart. It can ensure that your emotional level is balanced and feeling calm and it can remove harmful emotions such as anger. It can remove negative feelings such as anxiety, depression, and jealousy too.


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