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Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is an excellent stone for overcoming writer's block, and it may also aid in spiritual healing. They are helpful in the management of pain, particularly in the bones and joints. They are highly excellent healing stones for individuals recovering from sickness, and they may also allow you to be more creative and productive.

Their energy may help you recall your dreams by inspiring noteworthy dreams. Keep in the bedroom, under your pillow, or close by to boost dream recall. Their energy also helps with lung restoration, immune system support, and stress alleviation. It will also help eliminate bad energies from your immediate surroundings.

They are excellent healing crystals for you to utilize, and they have a variety of therapeutic capabilities. It also has a specific type of protective energy, making it a useful stone to put in your house or business to repel intruders.

This blue stone resonates strongly with the throat chakra and will assist you in communicating and expressing your thoughts. It can also allow emotional healing to happen as you can have honest open communication with yourself and the people around you.


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