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Blue Aventurine

Blue aventurine is from the quartz family and is known for its polished stones. This stone is derived from 'ventura' or 'all’avventura' in Italian which means “by chance”. Aventurine can also be known as Indian jade as well.

Blue aventurine has many astonishing healing properties to benefit from. It is useful to you when you want to get rid of bad habits in your life and heal your physical state. Blue aventurine is able to ensure that your hormone levels are balanced and aids women with imbalanced hormones. It aids in repairing and healing of the respiratory and circulatory systems in your body to allow more fresh oxygen to enter. It also aids with ear, throat, mouth issues.

Blue aventurine enhances your communication skills and being able to attract wealth and abundance into your life, increases the likelihood of having a positive outcome in any kind of situation. It also will enforce you to be more disciplined and have willpower to ensure tasks are being done and balancing of your emotions with proper logical thinking and reasoning. Blue aventurine act’s as a booster for leaders as it empowers your leadership qualities and allows the leadership quality you displayed to be respected by the people that work with you.

Blue aventurine is a good stone for when you are facing hardships or negative situations and will allow you to be honest when communicating; speaking from the heart as well as the mind. Enables you to have strong willpower or conviction when you have already decided to do the task, having control over your own life.


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