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Blood Strawberry Quartz

Blood strawberry quartz can bring the universal love energy into your life and allow the universe to love you. This universal love will enable you to go through hardships you face in life and ensure that you have faith and believe in your abilities when being tasked to do something. This crystal enables you to be self-loved and will bring you insight into how loved you are by the powerful energy of the universe. Talents that you have will not be unnoticed by people and instead, gain recognition. It will show you about the path in life that you should take and what is the purpose of your life as well as finding your peace. It helps to calm you down and enables you to find your partner due to its gentle vibration.

Blood strawberry quartz enhances your intentions and can radiate these energies to influence the environment and the people around you. This quartz will be able to bring an overall balance of the body, emotional balance and psyche balance too. It will be able to assist you in ensuring that there is a connection between your aura and your physical body.

blood strawberry quartz shows you the path to finding your love and highly promotes loving yourself which is ultimately one of the most important aspects of life. Self-love is taking care of your physical and mental health and helping others in need.


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