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Black Opal

Opal is a Sanscrit name. It means “Change of colors” and became the name of Opal. From this origin, it has become popular as a talisman to bring life change and has been cherished around the world until now. If you want to change the direction of your life or want to make a right decision, try wearing Black Opal. It is also used to bring out innate skills and capabilities in you. If you seek for a life change, try wearing Black Opal to experience its benefits.

Opal stone has a long history and is discovered 4000 years ago. Because of its old history, there are many legends and folklores about Opal. Opal stone has been considered as “Tears of Gods” and “Crystallized stone from sacred waters”. Black Opal has been cherished as a special talisman among the people in power. It is said to bring a business success and a great idea to its wearer.

Black opal acts as a form of healing other gemstones beside healing you physically and spiritually, it is able to heal other gemstones. It is a rare and powerful gemstone that allows you to feel pride and strong willpower.

Black opal is able to heal/cure illnesses, aids in the pain that you are currently having. It is full of healing energy and will enable you to always feel positive in things that you are doing, strengthen your faith and make good decisive choices in life. This black opal will be able to make dreams come true and provide you with some form of foresight.

Black opal is more of a stone that brings in positive energy and joys of life, being able to cleanse any form of negativity you face. It also strengthens your immunity against diseases or sickness and acts as a form of purification.

This noble like black opal is able to affect your finances in a positive way by allowing more wealth to come into your life; being able to see opportunities that others don’t and having a clear mind to deal with difficult situations. Black Opal is closely tied with the crown chakra and is able to dissipate away resentment, anger, and painful emotions as well.


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