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Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone has a more grounded vibration, connecting you to the Earth and resonating heavily with the base chakra.

Black Moonstone lends a proactive nurturing vibe to help you embrace new beginnings because it promotes growth and empowering strength from deep within, motivating you for a fresh start. It provides psychic protection, helps you develop your psychic abilities, and increases synchronicities and “coincidences” to flow openly in your life. Black Moonstone is ideal for the fertility of new ideas, especially when working in the creative realm.

It holds the same properties of Moonstone, which is the Gem of the High Priestess, embodying the Divine Feminine energy to promote self-discovery and insight into relationships by getting a grasp on understanding who you are and how you relate to the world around you. It is an amazing stress reliever that soothes worry, while activating your intuitive abilities to know the right way back to your path.

Moonstone calms feelings of instability and lends inspiration for all endeavors, begging you to tap into the Priestess you truly are. It encourages good luck, good fortune, success in love and in business.


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