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Black Hematoid

Black Hematoid Quartz is quartz with the presence of hematite. Because of their iron content, Hematoid may increase blood circulation. It is known for its scalp-healing effect, it may be used to stimulate healthy hair growth while treating various hair conditions.

Hematoid quartz is an excellent grounding stone, it can also be used to promote self-growth and self-awareness. It will remove you from negative relationships and strengthen your willpower. Hematite also creates a protective shield for your aura. It is associated with the root chakra, sacral and solar plexus chakra. Hematite balances the yin & yang energies, it can be used to manifest your ideas into reality, and carry them with you to stay focused on your goals.

This crystal is extremely good for grounding energy, with being grounded comes peace and harmony of the body mind and soul, enabling clarity when sorting processes. It will be able to allow you to feel balanced energy in your life by removing any negativity or imbalances in your life. Empowering you with being creative, enhanced focus and concentration when needed. This will be somewhat a simplified way of solving complex issues/problems that you will face. This crystal also allows you to connect with spirits in the form of communication.

Black hematoid brings about harmony and stabilising energy that helps to heal your body by being able to speed up the cellular healing process, treatment against stress, anxiety or any negative emotions, detoxifying the body from harmful toxins.

This crystal is able to let you focus on what's currently on your mind and be able to finish tasks that are required to be done. It acts as a mind cleanser to be able to calm the mind and emotions, making logical decisions and thought processes. Removal of stress that blocks you from achieving your goals. This crystal acts as a form of emotional booster in terms of confidence and self-esteem by being able to face any challenges that you will face and take them head-on without backing down.


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