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Biotite is named after Jean Baptist who studied it for its optical properties AKA “Black Mica”.

Biotite is linked with the crown chakra and it helps with mental clarity and being more well-organised with their thoughts. Being able to perceive information and absorb it accordingly in their thought process while removing unimportant information. It enhances the third eye's vision and allows life to have a proper structure.

Biotite which many others refer to as the stone of life it’s the main purpose has been to diagnose illnesses and disorders. Aiding in visual impairments as well as throat-related diseases. Acupuncture uses Biotite to help regulate the flow of energy to specific parts of the body part to help expel toxins or clear blockages within the body. Biotite helps in enhancing cellular regeneration and brain functions.

Owners in contact with biotite will be able to communicate honestly and clearly, benefiting people in the performing scene or speakers. This crystal allows the user to grow their aura to be not affected by any negativity such as rejections or failure. Instead, they will be able to understand the cause of the negativity and improve to be able to reach their goals. Encouraging users to be well organised to focus on the important tasks required to be done and those that aren't important.


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