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Amethyst Geode Guide

1. Promote a peaceful office space.

Placing amethyst in your office space can help with feelings of tension. It may help you slow your pace so you can better concentrate on projects and get jobs done right the first time.

2. Enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Place the stone near your bed or pillow to enjoy a better night’s sleep. It can help clear the mind and have more pleasant dreams when amethyst is nearby.

3. Use it during meditation.

Amethyst may help you achieve a clearer mind and open up more fully to the meditation process. If you have a yoga or meditation area you frequent, just keep the stone nearby.

4. Give it to those seeking stress relief.

If you have a friend or family member who comes to you often for solutions, amethyst can help encourage peace and healing in their lives.

5. Use them for inspiration.

Amethyst can help with achieving clarity and promoting inner peace. When you feel stumped, some quiet time with amethyst nearby or in your hand may help trigger your imagination and leave you inspired.

6. Wear them to combat negativity.

If negativity seems to find you and weigh you down, try adding amethyst into your accessories or simply keep it in a pocket.

7. Utilize the help of the moon to “charge” your amethyst.

The universe has a way of taking care of and refuelling itself. Those who work with amethyst often will tell you that placing your stone out in the evening where it can absorb the energy of the moon will keep it working its best.

These 7 ways to use amethyst are great for beginners and those looking for alternative methods to stress relief and overall feelings of positive well-



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