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Amethyst Cinnabar

Amethyst Cinnabar is known as a stone for manifestation and wealth creation and has been labelled the 'Merchants Stone'. It is a stone of transformation, of magic, aids enhanced communication and inspired thinking. It may be used to align all of the chakras and release fear and resentment. The meaning of the name Cinnabar comes from the Persian word meaning 'Dragons Blood' also called Cinnabarite.

Cinnabar is thought to aid in the discharge of fear and resentment, the resolution of injured feelings, rage, and envy, and the prevention of taking things too seriously. It has a powerful frequency that helps spiritual grounding by anchoring excess energy and channelling it down the base chakra to the earth chakra.

As a result, it's a good stone to utilize for improving personal connections because any surplus energy will safely evaporate to the earth. It will help you build intuition while also increasing your mental acuity, inventiveness, and capacity to think more directly and creatively.

It is known as an excellent stone to have in your business to manifest money. It may help you to ascertain where problems are that may block your abundance. The best way to use it is to keep it close to where you receive your money, as this method has been known to bring an increase in income.


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