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Actinolite strengthens the immune system, and stimulates the kidney, liver and spleen function. It aids in the elimination of toxins from the body. ​Actinolite is beneficial for detoxifying and metabolism. This stone stimulates cell and tissue function and the regeneration and growth of the body.

This stone assists in processing nutrients and waste products through the intestines, and bowels. It will reduce rashes, and ease hives and other physical reactions that are associated with allergies. Actinolite will reduce the physical effects associated with eczema, acne and rosacea. It will remove the effects that result from lead and mercury poisoning, toxins, adverse reactions to additives, parasites and fungus.

It is excellent for helping you overcome indecision, hesitation to begin a task and a fear of moving forward in your life. It will overcome a lack of confidence and belief in yourself. Actinolite stabilises, grounds and offers certainty in your daily life. It will guide you to explore new directions without forgetting your original path.

It will aid you in increasing your self-worth and gaining inner strength and patience. Actinolite will help you to recognise your own capabilities. It encourages inner balance, patience and a sense of timing.

Actinolite helps to prevent loneliness and alienation by opening your heart to others and so creating correspondingly friendly vibes in social encounters. Use this stone in your workplace to shield you from any negativity and especially from divisive energies, troublemakers and gossip.

Actinolite is an anti-worry stone, at any time you are worried, sad or feel unnecessarily guilty, touch this stone with your index finger, name the worry and say "May this worry/burden be taken from me"

Actinolite helps in dream recall and removes blockages that stop personal growth. It eases grief, trauma, and guilt and helps you forgive and find solace. ​Actinolite will overcome feelings of being isolated from others, it redirects psychic attacks, illness and unwanted negativity. Actinolite provides an efficient shield against any negative thoughts, including your own. Actinolite will help you to be aware of when and where you have diverged from your original, real goals. This will help you to correct your course. Place actinolite in a window if you live in a neighbourhood where there is intolerance or trouble with your neighbours or gangs to shield your household from threat or harm.

This stone promotes the unity of all humankind by spreading goodwill and accentuating understanding and tolerance between people of different faiths and political systems.


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