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5 elements bracelet

Five elements bracelet is a bracelet that contains 5 different crystals with each representing an element. Green Quartz (Wood), Rose Quartz (Fire), Citrine (Earth), Clear Quartz (Metal) and Amethyst (Water). These 5 elements are the basis of Feng Shui principles.

5 elements: 1) Clear Quartz (Metal) is a power stone that harmonizes and balances. It enhances energy and thoughts and purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical. It is also a powerfully protective stone, bringing the purified energy in. Historically this crystal has been used to counter black magic, perform diagnostic healing, and communicate with spirits and other worlds. Clear quartz, as opposed to coloured quartz, is associated with the crown chakra but also works well on all chakras.

2) Green Quartz (Wood) is related to the heart chakra and is said to inspire love, empathy, and compassion, as well as strengthen bonds with others. This stone encourages people to look on the bright side of life, transforming negative energy into good energy. Green quartz promotes serenity and understanding in relationships and enables the wearer to face stressful situations with patience and grace. Green quartz encourages creativity and is thought to relieve anxiety, promote financial success, and aid in the recovery from illness or surgery.

3) Rose Quartz (Fire) is associated with love, romance and relationships. Widely known as the Love Stone, Rose Quartz is most favoured for its ability in speeding up the process for those seeking true love, mending broken relationships and jazzing up your existing romantic life. Rose quartz is also reputed to help with the comprehension of love, restores the love of self as well as love for others, and heals old emotional wounds while developing self-appreciation and love. It is therefore commonly used in meditation as a tool for emotional healing.

4) Citrine (Earth) is known as the “success stone” because it promotes success, prosperity, and abundance. It particularly promotes success in business, earning it another nickname, “merchant’s stone”. Citrine is a stone of good fortune, although it brings good fortune in sometimes unexpected ways. It is a stone of manifestation, helping manifest abundance in many ways. Along with prosperity and good fortune, citrine imparts generosity, to share the wealth, so to speak.

5) Amethyst (Water) is a natural stone related to the crown chakra and third eye. Symbolizing peace, cleansing and calming energy that allows clarity when dealing with tough situations, and toxic people around the environment. Amethyst protects the owner from any negative energy from within the body and externally, ensuring soothing dreams to be more connected with the divine. Giving a clear & calm mind to enable the relief of mental and physical stress. Dispelling strong negative emotional feelings such as rage, fear, and anxiety. Amethyst is highly regarded with spirituality to be able to remove evil thoughts and instil wisdom and intelligence to have greater insights on solving problems by having a deeper understanding of situations; making better choices.


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