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Triplite is a fairly rare mineral. The term triplite derives from the Greek word “triplos”, which means "three," alluding to the mineral's three distinct cleavage orientations. It is difficult to cut and facet due to its brittleness, high cleavage, and lack of hardness.

Triplite is able to know what each individual person is lacking and helps in that aspect. They act as a revitalizing and rejuvenating crystal in terms of balancing, increasing energy within the body and aiding in the creative mind. Aids in creating new energy for the user and being able to gain motivation that has been lost. Boosting the flow of qi throughout the body, enhancing the flow of life force within the body as well.

This crystal clears blockages in terms of life energy to ensure smooth flow and ensures that users will have the will to live and overcome any issues that come in their way. Enhancing a user with a strong mind when being in an unstable state, improves self-confidence such as being more outspoken and being easily able to reach goals.

This crystal also improves relationships and communication with people by being able to avoid any form of arguments and criticism. Clearing any form of negative thoughts that prevent users from being able to take steps towards a goal, allows users to be able to step out of their comfort zone and eliminate bad habits to prevent themselves from being positive; inducing happiness and productivity.

Triplite is able to make the user remain calm and composed when facing issues and making decisions based on logical thinking, analysis of issues to solve the problems. Any form of manifestation will become possible with this crystal as long as effort and time are placed towards the goal, results will be shown to the user. This magnificent gemstone also helps owners to clear forms of heaviness, feeling the weight on the shoulders and weariness.


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