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Sardonyx is a mixture of Onyx and Carnelian. Sardonyx is a highly protective stone that embodies the vibration of happiness, optimism and confidence. It helps to boost your self-control and your level of personal power.

It has excellent metaphysical properties that will encourage motivation, willpower, discipline and strength.

This makes it a good stone for anyone studying, or if you work in a job where you require mental discipline to focus on the task at hand.

This stone was said to have been used as a talisman in Ancient Egypt for protection against evil, as it has a strong level of psychic protection energy. If you have been searching for meaning in your life, using this stone may help you to find the answers to your search. Sardonyx has a positive vibration that helps you to attract new friendships.

Having will help you to act decisively and build your willpower, it will also aid you to build character. They are helpful when studying to assist you to use and absorb information.

They are also helpful to enhance your creativity. Because it promotes integrity and virtuous behaviour, this may assist you in your marriage or close partnership, especially if either partner is losing interest or having trouble remaining faithful.


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