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Rhyolite is a stone that represents the joy of living. It raises awareness and delight in the natural state of things, such as your body, emotional equilibrium, and interactions with other living creatures and species.

Rhyolite can be utilized to energise or rejuvenate your emotional condition. It delivers optimism and positive energy to people who are depressed or tired.

Rhyolite, a 'stone of balance,' is recommended for dealing with issues of self-esteem and emotional strength. It helps you find your voice in the midst of challenges and fears, and it encourages insight into answers and alternatives.

Rhyolite is an excellent stone to carry when confronted. It assists in removing procrastination and distractions and focusing on living in the present now. It is a good stone for being in the present moment rather than reminiscing about the past, and for releasing burdens that no longer benefit you.

Rhyolite is often used as an aid to contact loved ones who have ascended to other planes. It is an excellent tool for communicating with animals.

Rhyolite fortifies the body’s natural resistance, helps to boost the immune system and cleanse the kidneys and liver. Can dissolve kidney stones and hardened tissue. It improves assimilation of B vitamins. It has a strong cleansing action, treats veins, rashes, skin disorders and infections. Gives strength and muscle tone as an elixir.


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