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Blue Spinel

Blue Spinel is a soothing stone, calming and relieving anxiety, depression, PTSD, and stress. It is an invigorating stone that is good for mental rejuvenation. It is a stone that encourages moderation in all things including food and sleep.

Blue Spinel helps clear the aura, and magnifying channelling, clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. It detoxifies, regenerates, and rejuvenates the etheric double aura. It lengthens life by balancing Chi energy and removing any blocks to energy flow.

Blue Spinel is good for improving memory and intellect. It helps relieve depression and stress. It enhances determination, emotional backbone, inner strength, and conquering the challenges of life.

It is thought that Blue Spinel supports dieting, weight loss, and cancer treatment. It is said to be good for the eyes, gums, spine, teeth, and stamina. It is said to help with addictions, especially smoking. It is also thought to revitalize and keep your energy levels high.

Healing Properties:

- Blue Spinel strengthens mental power by helping you stay calm and relaxed. It reduces anxiety to a great extent.

- It is considered a protective gemstone that drives away negativity and stimulates empowerment and inspiration in the wearer.

- Its powerful healing properties are believed to heal the entire body by empowering all the chakras in a positive way.

- It helps get rid of resentments and feelings of sadness, leading to a sense of calmness. Blue Spinel helps a person in moving ahead in life. It acts by building up confidence and assertiveness.

- Blue spinel has a strong effect on health. It purifies the skin, balances the digestive tract, strengthens the muscles, and makes you feel more powerful.

- It also activates the kundalini chakra that helps connect with higher intellectualness and supreme.


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