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Blue Opal

Peruvian Blue Opal is quite a rare stone that can only be found in the Andes Mountains, close to San Patricio, Peru. Blue Peruvian Opal is also known as Blue Peru Opal and Blue Andean Opal.

The Peruvian Blue Opal will be an excellent companion stone because it has a soft and soothing energy.

It will help you get the tension out of your body, and it will clear the unnecessary thoughts in your head.

The energies of this stone will also help you with your communication so that you will get rid of anything that’s not helping you speak out. The energies of this stone will encourage your ideas to flow freely. It will allow you to make use of your gifts and talents unrestrainedly so that you can make yourself proud.

Blue Peruvian Opal will soften the effects of stress on your body, mind, and spirit. It will encourage you to do what you need to do so that you will keep the balance and harmony in your life.

Blue Peruvian Opal will also help you release your old wounds brought about by emotional trauma. It will give you emotional healing so that you will regain the balance that you have lost in your life.

It will help quiet your mind and help you easily achieve relaxation. It’s also a stone that will promote a deep and restful sleep.

Healing and Health: This stone can assist with iron absorption. It’s also said to be very beneficial in treating any kind of infection.

It can regulate the insulin levels and purify the kidneys and the blood. It can also strengthen the memory, as well as the immune system.

It can help in alleviating the pains of childbirth and the discomforts brought about by PMS.


It will encourage an interest in anything challenging but rewarding, which makes it an excellent stone to help you achieve your financial goals.

Its energies will inspire you to access your true self so that you will truly understand what you most desire.

Blue Peruvian Opal is a highly reflective stone, and it will help you pick up thoughts and emotions to make the best decisions.

It will support you in sorting out complex problems without feeling too much pressure on yourself.

It’s a highly karmic stone that will put out positive thoughts and emotions, and then attractive positive energies back to you!

It will fill you with the ingenuity that will be very beneficial in achieving your dreams and goals.

It will keep you creative and imaginative so that you will be able to churn out new ideas when you need them.

Blue Peruvian Opal will also improve your self-esteem so that you can overcome the challenges you’ll face on the way.

Peruvian Opal strengthens your connection to yourself and your insights. While you will never move your ideas forward arrogantly, you will certainly have the confidence to stick to your guns when challenged.

This crystal will help you to embrace new ideas in ways that make them work for you, and that don’t attract scorn from others.

It will keep you healthy in body, heart, and mind as you achieve your goals one day at a time.

Love and Relationships: You need to stay courageous and determined in love because your relationship will not always be smooth sailing.

This stone will also help you unleash your creativity and clear any kind of blockages in your communication.

You will find a way to speak out how you feel without feeling scared that it will change your whole relationship.

Blue Peruvian Opal will help you find a confidant in your significant other. You will be inspired to be more open and honest, and this will positively influence the dynamic of your relationship.

This stone will also infuse you with peace and tranquility. Whatever is happening in your personal life, you will still find peace and serenity at the end of the day.

It may be a chaotic or uncertain period, but you will not feel unmoored or untethered. You will still feel nurtured and loved when you have the energies of this stone in your life.

Blue Peruvian Opal will amplify your character traits and bring these traits to the surface. These traits can both be good and bad.

This will give you and your significant other the chance to truly know one another and strengthen your relationship.

It will leave no secrets unrevealed, and it will break down the walls that you put around your heart.

This stone will support you in transforming all of your negative traits into traits that will make you stronger, kinder, and more loving.

It will boost your self-worth, and it will show you how you can love yourself better, even if you love another person with all your heart.

You will acquire a healthier self-esteem, and your eyes will be open to see your full potential.

The vibrations of Blue Peruvian Opal will bring your love life more spontaneity and lightness. You will not be weighed down by all the pressure coming from your friends, families, and colleagues.

You will be secure enough where you are and do everything at your own pace.

When you work with the energies of this stone, you will also have more passion and love.

It’s a very seductive stone that will enhance the intimacy in your relationship. It will give you the right balance of love and desire, and it will encourage you to let go of your inhibitions!

Blue Peruvian Opal will also act as your emotional stabilizer. It will encourage you to express your emotions in a balanced and healthy way.


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